Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monoxide - Piermony, N.Y. (1988-1991)

I would describe Monoxide as a Death/Thrash band. Again, I remember seeing them live back in the day, but the only thing I remember about the band is that Tito Puente Jr. (Decomposed) was their drummer at some point.

I know from the bands bio and my own terrible memory that Monoxide were originally called Dregs of Society, and I believe Tito played drums in Monoxide prior to playing with Decomposed. Anyway, the music is solid, well recorded and well performed, and definitely worthy of a listen if you are a fan of obscure 80's- 90's metal.

Unfortunately, I do not have either of the bands demo tapes...demo #1 from 1988 or Live To DAT from 1991, however you can stream the bands music on their Myspace page...so do it!

Dave G.

Monoxide Myspace

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