Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mutilation - New City, N.Y. (1988-1993)

My memory of Mutilation is very foggy. I know I saw them live on a number of occasions, but I really can't bring back to many specifics . Therefore, I am relying on the bands Myspace bio to fill in the blanks on this post.

Mutilation was formed in early 1988 by Randell Salmon (Decomposed) with the late Jeff Reimer (Decomposed, Morpheus Descends) on vocals. This incarnation of the band did not last long, and Mutilation was reformed in late 1988 by Ron Colandra with Randell Salmon, adding Jason Trenczer, Lou Lehman and Dante Sciosia.

Shortly after reforming the band recorded and released their first demo tape "Seasons of Death", and following the success of this first demo tape , which firmly planted the band in the NY Death Metal scene Mutilation returned to the studio and recorded and released their second demo tape "Dead By Dawn" in 1989. In 1990 Randell Salmon left the band to reconnect with Jeff Reimer in Decomposed and Mutilation brought in Rob Moschetti to replace him.

It appears that a third demo tape "In The Flesh" was released in 1992, prior to the band signing to JL America and releasing their excellent self titled full length Lp. Unfortunately, Mutilation broke up in 1993 shortly after the albums release.

Dave G.

Line up:

Dante Scioscia-VOCALS-1988-1991
Randell Salmon-BASS-1988-1990 (ex-Decomposed)
Ron Colandria-DRUMS-1988-1992 (ex-Undivided)
Lou Lehman -GUITAR AND VOCALS 1988 TO 1992 (Generation Kill)
Jason trenczer -GUITAR-1988 TO 1992 ( Generation Kill. ex-Undivided)
Rob MOSCHETTI - BASS AND VOCALS-1990 TO 1992.. ( Generation Kill , ex-Full Scale Riot, ex-Hollow, ex-Pro-Pain, ex-Undivided, ex-M.O.D.)

Dead By Dawn

Last Second of Pain
No Choice

Mutilation Myspace

You may have noticed that 3 members of Mutilation are currently in Generation Kill, which is a currently active Rockland metal band featuring Rob Dukes of Exodus on vocals, yes Rob is a Rockland County guy as well. Check out Generation Kill here


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have their 1990 demo "Dead By Dawn"?


Dave G said...

No I do not have the demo, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Rob Moschetti and Jason Trencer have a new hard rock band called The Pain Method also featuring John 'Johnny Fatts" Fattorusso. http://facebook.com/thepainmethod