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Hostile Rage - New City N.Y. 1987 -Present

Hostile Rage Bio.

"HOSTILE RAGE was formed in March of 1987 in Bergen County,NJ, and Rockland County, NY. The bands first release,"Hostile Rage Volume 1" was released later that same year. The band immediately made themselves known, appearing on the New Renaissance Records compilation albums,"Thrash Metal Attack 2" and "Speed Metal Hell 4" with the track "Dead Meat". Then, 1989, brought the release of their second album entitled :"On The Rampage". During this time HOSTILE RAGE was a mainstay on the club scene opening for Major acts such as "Dark Angel", Nuclear Assault, Laaz Rocket, etc. Also during this time the band added another guitarist in Art Peterson. But after a short while, Peterson went on to form his own band "Chaotic Realm", and HOSTILE RAGE remained a four piece band from then on. In 1990, HOSTILE RAGE teamed up with OVERKILL to play a Benefit Concert at Ramapo College for a young girl with a rare liver disease. This year also marked the bands third release, "Adrenaline Flow". In the years to follow, Hostile Rage saw a member change on Bass. Bill Buckley left the band for personal reasons. Mike Dolan then took over the duties on Bass. These years saw the release of the bands 4th and 5th albums, "Furious Brutal Loud" in 1995 and 'Uncontrollable Urge" in 1997. The band then disbanded until recently reuniting in October of 2009 with the original members from 1987. Which brings us to now! HOSTILE RAGE is back once again to deliver it's brand of Heavy Metal Music for the masses!!!"

Like many Rockland County bands Hostile Rage had/has some members from our closest neighbor Bergen County NJ (as noted in the bio), however I remember going to band practices in Congers N.Y. so in my opinion Hostile Rage has always been a Rockland County band. It was actually very common for bands from Rockland to have members from Bergen County due to the the close proximity of these Northern NYC suburban Counties...as it was also common for many NYC and NJ bands to have Rocklanders as members...for example Overkill and Anthrax.

Hostile Rage was probably the most prolific and long running Metal band to come out of Rockland County considering they have released 5 demo tapes and they are still performing live to this day...so check them out live if you get a chance...Dave G.


Volume 1 ... 1987 Demo
On The Rampage ... 1989 Demo
Adrenalin Flow ... 1990 Demo
Furious Brutal Loud ... 1994 Demo
Uncontrollable Urge ... 1996 Demo


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