Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sadistik Ritual - Congers NY

Hailing for Congers NY (Rockland County) Sadistik Ritual released 2 demo tapes 1988's demo #1 and 1989's "Dealing With Darkness".

Sadistik Ritual played a style of Thrash Metal similiar to Exodus and Testament with some crossover elements thrown in as well. I saw Sadistik play in and around Rockland many times back in the day and I always thought they deserved much more recognition than they ever received. Hopefully this post will shine some light on the band and introduce them to a whole new generation of Metalheads.

Sadistik Riual eventually morphed into Out of Darkness who I hope to add to the blog in the near future...Dave G.


Matt Hodge - vocals
Chris Mondelli - bass
Greg Paravati - guitars
Jon Ciorciani - guitars
Forrest Leighton - drums


1988 Demo Tape

1989 Dealing With Darkness Demo Tape

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Mick Bynes/Devin said...

They're a pretty awesome band, good stuff! They have a couple long songs that are not-so-bad. For the most part, they sound pretty heavy and hard. I didn't know another band with Sadisitik in their name, besides Sadistik Exekution.