Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decomposed - Monsey NY

Decomposed formed in the Spring Valley /Monsey area of Rockland County somewhere around 1990.

I wish I could give you all an in depth history about the band, but my memories are very blurry some 22 years after the fact. What I do remember is the band had a show at Mr Rips in Valley Cottage shutdown by the cops because they were using actual human bones as stage props which the band may or may not have dug up themselves, now that is death metal.

Vocalist Jeff Riemer (RIP) went on to Morpheus Descends...drummer Tito Puente JR. (yes the son of that Tito Puente) also played in Monoxide and bassist Randell Salmon also played in Mutilation. These 3 bands made up the bulk of the Spring Valley Death Core scene aka S.V.D.C. which was a town in Rockland were most of the band members lived in or near...Dave G.

Demo #1 (1991)
Demo #2 (Live Rehearsal 1991)

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It was awesome playing with them