Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bar Sinister - Pearl River N.Y. (late 80's early 90's )

Bar Sinister popped up on the Rockland metal scene in the late 80's at a time when metal was really at it's peak in and around Rockland and metal shows were going down regularly at clubs like Cheers, Mr Rips, Blondies etc.

As far as the music presented below goes I know the drummer who had previously played in Selective Outrage gave me this demo tape in 1988 as we had been working together at the time picking and packing books at a local warehouse. Anyway, musically Bar Sinister play power/thrash metal that doesn't bring any popular 80's band in particular to mind which is a good thing.

Besides the "Sin Now Pray Later" demo tape from 1988, Bar Sinister also released a second live demo in 1989 called "Live and Sin".

Dave G.

Bar Sinister - Sin Now Pray Later 1988
Evil Man
Trilogy of Terror

Bar Sinister - Live Sin (Live Demo 1989)
Dark Night
Nuclear War
Bastards Will Pay (Trouble Cover)
Death Penalty

Bar Sinister Myspace


Anonymous said...

Awesome live band saw them many times. You could tell when they played they liked to party. Trilogy of TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ever happened to them?

Dave G said...

I have no idea what happened to them. I wouldn't mind finding a copy of the second demo and some more details about the band to flesh out the post. I know I saw them live back in the day but my memory has many holes in it.

Swillard said...

Great job Dave brings back many memories. What became of Bar Sinister? We are still around and we have not changed. we are not playing but we are still metal heads to DEATH!!! and when we do get together we are very toxic as we were back in the day. We need to have a renunion of some kind. Thanks for doing this. \m/

Dave G said...

Thanks Swillard! Glad you like the write up...keep me up to date about any upcoming reunion shows and I will be sure to spread the word on the blog and Facebook etc...spread the word about the blog, we need to give the old school Rockland metal bands the recognition they rightfully deserve...Dave G.