Thursday, January 26, 2012

Malicious Onslaught - Stony Point N.Y. (1986 - 2000's)

Malicious Onslaught formed in 1986 in Stony Point, NY by brothers Ted Hanauer (guitar/vocals )and Robert Hanauer (RIP) Bass.

If memory serves I believe Malicious Onslaught was the first truly extreme death metal band to form in Rockland County, though their first demo tape from 1987 does lean a bit more to the thrash side of things, their later releases were pure death metal.

Malicious Onslaught Released a number of demos and two full length Albums, the albums were titled Rebellious Mayhem (1992) and Grutal Gore (1994), I will attempt to give a complete discography below.

Dave G.


Demo # 1 (1987)
Thrashed Black (Demo 1988)
Rebllious Mayhem (Rehearsal Demo 1989)
Rebellious Mayhem (Full Length Lp 1992)
Brutal Gore (Full Length Lp 1994)
Brutal Gore (Demo 1994)
Corpsified Maliciously (Demo 1995)

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