Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sectorian - Garnerville, N.Y. (1991- ?)

I had never heard of Sectorian until a friend passed their demo tape along to me a few months back for inclusion on this blog...eventhough they lived about 5 blocks away from me when they recorded and released the "Tears No More" demo tape.

Sectorian play a sloppy style of Death metal with out of tune guitars, non-existent bass, sloppy drumming and gruff vocals. I have no idea how seriously Sectorian took themselves, but I have a feeling they took themselves very seriously. If anyone can provide us with more details regarding this band then please leave a comment so I can flesh out this post.

Dave G.

Tears No More
The Wastes Below


CHRIS said...

This is so intensely horrid, but brilliant at the same time! I'm left slack jawed over this? You can actually hear their passion and commitment they bring to the song...what you can't hear is any sense of timing or talent, but fuck it....who cares! It's epic!

Dave G said...

I agree, there is something insanely appealing about this bands music.

Joe S. said...

Hello to anyone that reads this! This is Joe and I was the vocalist/guitarist of Sectorian. Wow, I was really surprised that anyone would still remember anything about Sectorian, let alone still own a demo. Well, what have I to say after all these years about this project? First, we took it as about as serious as high school students do, however I must say that I am still a fan of black and death metal to this very day, while our peers quickly abandoned this style of music within a short period of time going hardcore, rap, alternative rock, etc. I can't speak for the other two guys since I haven't spoken to them in some twenty plus years, but I can tell you what I was thinking at the time. I had become interested in death metal in 1990 and wanted to form a band. I met drummer Jason Dean and bass player Kevin Books and we jammed for the first time on a snowy winter night. To be truthful, my guitar was a Cruise which totally sucked, and was at fault for the out of tune guitar sound. I can also say that the demo was totally rushed, which was my own fault. I quickly wrote four songs, the other guys learned them and we recorded them live, and I released them as a demo. If I could go back in time now, I would have took longer to work on the structures of the songs, and would have paid for a better guitar, but instead I was spending all my spare money on beer at the time. We played live at places like Rock N Rex in Yonkers and got mostly positive reactions, even from Ross Dolan from Immolation who happened to check us out, so in time we improved a bit. It should also be noted that Kevin Brooks did not play keyboards or bass on the entire demo. I played the intro, and my girlfriend at the time played bass on The Wastes Below, which was the best bass performance on the demo. We had to kick Kevin Brooks out due to his lack out interest in Death Metal and brought on Brian Howe to replace him. Really nice guy, but wasn't very good at his instrument. We released a second and final demo called Unheavenly Encounter in 1993 before we broke up for good. It's tighter and better over all, with a new guitar and better songs, but I'm still not completely happy with it. I moved up state in 1994, started a zine in 1995, and started an independent record label in 2006 which released eight full length CDs. These days I now have a family and I'm finished contributing to metal completely, other than just being a fan but still enjoying both the new and old black/death metal scenes. Any regrets? Sure, there are a few, but we were just high school kids making noise, trying to emulate our heroes at the time, and having no idea how to do it properly, so that was the result.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe! I have to tell you, to this day I still spin this demo on my iPod. Great, sloppy and chaotic but with hooks! Good to hear from you on here. We would love to hear Unheavenly Encounter! Do you still have a copy??

Anonymous said...

I actually find this surprisingly. Different and plus I have their music linked on my Last.fm page. People need to listen 'em!