Thursday, January 26, 2012

Killpower - Garnerville/Stony Point N.Y. (1986/87 - PRESENT? )

Killpower were very local to me as guitarist Brain Finucane and Rob Torrens who was the bands bassist at some point in their career grew up right across the street from me.

I remember seeing Killpower live all around Rockland County back in the day before I fell out of the metal scene in the early 90's...however I believe Killpower persevered for many years after I lost track of their doings. Anyway, Killpower are a good band with mainly a thrash/death metal feel to their songs, at least that is what I hear...be sure to check out the bands Myspace for more information about Killpower.

Dave G

From Killpower Myspace BIO:

"Killpower began as an idea of Brian Finucane. In it's hey day, it played many venues on the east coast, and almost every dive in the NY metro area including Rockland, Westchester, and Orange counties. Known for their brutal live shows, they had quite a following".

Classic line up: Joe Delehanty-guitar (RIP); Brian Finucane-Vocals/Guitar; John Gillespie-Bass; Rob Cadiz-Drums; OTHER MUSICIANS: BASS-Rob Moschetti & many others; DRUMS-Vinny Quattrocci, & too many others to mention.

Blood Will Bring Blood (Demo 1988)

01 Hostile Assailant
02 Blood Will Bring Blood
03 Can't Take The Heat...
04 Merchants of Death

Catalyptic World (Demo 1989)

01 Hienous Pariah
02 Vivasected
03 Hostile Assailant
04 Catalyptic World

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