Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Torment - (1986 - 1988)

To the best of my knowledge Torment featured members from Rockland County NY and Bergen County NJ. After the demise of Torment Guitarist John Eleazar (RIP) went on to join Riphouse and Guitarist Ron Roshong joined Out of Darkness and perhaps Sadistik Ritual as well but I am not 100% certain.

I never saw Torment live, and honestly do not recall hearing them back in the day, but I can honestly say that musically they were one of the best if not the best thrash band in and around Rockland based on these demo recordings. The musicianship is top notch...excellent riffs, insane guitar soloing and solid drumming all add up to some must hear thrash metal.

Dave G.

Take Every Life (Demo 1987)

01 Take Every Life
02 Madball
03 Strive To Win
04 Torment
05 Hello Insanity

Death Toll (Demo 1988)

01 Death Toll
02 Electrocution
03 Gotta Get A Gun
04 Back From The Dead
05 Pitbull Hysteria


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! \m/ \m/

Warren said...

Wow... I stumbled upon this page looking around for anything on Torment. I remember those guys very well. My friends and I saw the band so many times I lost count. They used to play a lot in my area (Bergen County NJ). They were a killer band and unfortunately never hit it big. This brings back a lot of memories. It was so much fun listening to those songs again. My demos are long gone and I wasn't sure if I would ever hear this stuff again. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Fucking bass on hello insanity is insane!!!!!!